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Nuru keyword is popular

Many Nuru keyword phrases are popular. "Nuru Massage",
"Nuru", "Nuru Gel",
"Nuru Massage Video"
each are typed thousands of times a day into the Google Internet Search Engine.Nuru…

Nuru word isn't new

Nuru word was common in 1970s Japanese porn. Nuru…

Wikipedia hasnt noticed

Wikipedia is usually a trendsetter, does not yet have a Nuru article.Nuru…

NURU has other meanings

The word Nuru has other meanings. It is a common surname. See and two places have the name Nuru…

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Montreal Nuru Massage

MontrealNuruMassage has a large studio in downtown Montreal.

It is in a decadant part of the city near restaurants and strip clubs.

Nuru Massage Gel is used Behind Closed Doors

In exotic massage parlours, a nuru massage is a massage where the masseuse uses a special gel and uses her whole body to massage the client's body. They often both do it naked and sometimes this massage form may end or "finish" in a form of sexual release. Nuru Massages have occured in Japan for several decades

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